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The Website Group works in tandem with the JCAM administration and the website production company to support the smooth operation of the JCAM website (
Originally this group was established as the Website Establishment and Operations Study Group to consider the starting of a JCAM website. Since the group’s first meeting in October 2004, the group has met to discuss the aims and target audience of the website, and then how to make its operations sustainable. Since September 2005, the group has received the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs and has carried out the digitizing of the more than 70 volumes of materials published by JCAM in the past. Thanks to the support of many, including the chairs of the various study groups, the JCAM website began operations in April 2006.
The group has continued to support the JCAM website, creating rules and coordinating the various aspects of content gathering and publication. Working with the various JCAM study groups, the Website Establishment and Operations Study Group strove to provide timely publication of group information and research results. In May 2011 a special site within the website was created in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake. This site planned to provide information related to post-disaster rescue and support operations.
A major overhaul of the website was carried out in February 2012. Along with reconsidering the page structure of the website’s main page, the implementation of a contents management system (CMS) greatly lessened the amount of work required for ongoing maintenance of the site. This overhaul conducted six years after website startup greatly stabilized operations. In April 2012 the JCAM board renamed the group the Website Group, confirmed the shift to a compact operational structure based on core members and the group continues its activities under that structure today.
The Website Group focuses on the four ongoing issues:

1. Maintaining and where needed changing the overall composition and operations of the JCAM website.
2. Suggesting a sustainable website operational structure.
3. Supporting the JCAM administration regarding website operations.
4. Creating useful content in coordination with the various study group members.

Work on these four issues involves not only Website Group members, but also is successful thanks to the cooperative efforts of many others. It is these combined efforts that will continue to support the JCAM website in the future.

Miyatake Hiroshi
December 2, 2015
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