The mission of art museums is to collect art objects and art-related information, preserve them, research them, and display them, all while handing on these objects and materials to future generations. Further, art museums bear the responsibility of functioning as a focal point for cultural creation in local society, interacting with the residents through additional activities that include the display of permanent collections, specially organized exhibitions and educational activities.
 The Japanese Council of Art Museums (JCAM) supports the accomplishment of this mission of art museums and seeks to assist art museums in fully basing their activities in a social context. The organization holds an annual meeting, memorial forums at annual meetings, lectures, Curatorial Study Meetings, and Study Group activities every year. The information and reports generated by these various activities are then expected to be shared with member museums, the greater art-related world and the general public.
 JCAM was founded in 1952 with the aim of providing a forum for art museums in Japan to think and act together. Today the organization includes 394 member museums (10 national museums, 251 public museums and 133 private museums) and 24 Individual member, 50 supporting members.
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